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My mission is to help you. Whether you need an advice or a complete web solution I am at your service.

Offre de service (40KB in french only)

To start with. If you need a website, you will need a hosting, your personal domain name (DNS) and a page designed as per your needs.

Website design. When creating a new website or changing your old layout, you should think of of your audience and the message which you would like this audience to get from you. Once you know for sure who's going to visit your website and what is the purpose of your website, the work is almost done!

Technical part. Nowadays, there are a lots of tools to build a basic page even without a specific programming knoweledge. The browsers are designed to read and display almost any content. However, the loading speed and the visual design of your page are still the most important things to consider.

Professional approach. To create a good-looking and multi-functional website require a great deal of knoweledge. You might need to use different programming languages HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript, MySQL databases Flash animations, Photoshop etc., all at the same time. Don't forget about how you are going to manage the content of the website. You will certainly need a CMS (content management system).

I will invite you to visit My Portfolio page to see my websites, and Contact me if you have a question regarding one of the topics above.

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